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PlumbV offers Expert Water Filtration Services in Hillsborough

Clean water is necessary for good health, and we use it every day for drinking, cooking, showering, and cleaning. To ensure that your Hillsborough home has the cleanest, purest water possible, it’s a good idea to have a water filtration system installed by the experts at PlumbV.
At PlumbV, we will ensure that your Hillsborough household has access to contaminant-free water throughout your entire home after installing a water filtration system. The easiest way to get started with water filtration installation is to contact the team at PlumbV by calling (919) 443-0105, or by making an appointment online.

Different Water Filtration Systems PlumbV Can Install In Your Hillsborough Home

Water filtration systems aren’t a one-size fits all solution for each home. There are several different types of water filtration systems that PlumbV can install in your home, all of which would have a slightly different effect on your Hillsborough home’s water. They also all have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your water needs.
The most popular types of water filtration systems are:

Activated Carbon:

Activated carbon filters are effective at removing parasites, chemicals, and heavy metals from water. These are fairly low-maintenance, as they just require a Hillsborough homeowner to replace the filter cartridges every so often. They are typically installed at the dispensary point for water, such as under the sink. This can be a disadvantage for some Hillsborough homeowners, as it does not provide the entire home with filtered water, only the faucets that it has been installed under.

Cation Exchange (AKA Water Softeners):

Cation exchange water filter systems use positively charged ions to attract negatively charged ions, which can be found in contaminants like barium, calcium, and magnesium. Water softeners will provide your entire Hillsborough home with cleaner, filtered water.

Reverse Osmosis:

Reverse osmosis is considered to be the most effective type of water filtration system to install in a home. A reverse osmosis water filter forces water through a semi-permeable membrane with air pressure, at which point almost all contaminants will be filtered out. It repeats this process several times, and boasts an impressive output of 50-90 gallons per day. It can provide your entire Hillsborough home with filtered water.

Benefits of Water Filtration Installation by PlumbV in Hillsborough

Most people rarely think about what is in their Hillsborough home’s tap water, so long as it tastes fine. What you may not know is that your home’s unfiltered water may have lead, chlorine, and even excessive amounts of iron. If you don’t want to be drinking that along with your tap water, it’s time for you to invest in a water filtration system for your Hillsborough home.
The experts at PlumbV can help you get set up with a home water filtration system that will remove these contaminants from your water. In addition to removing unwanted elements in your water, a water filtration system boasts quite a few other benefits that you and your family can enjoy:

Safer Drinking Water:

With a water filtration system in your home, you’ll be able to enjoy safe drinking water all the time. When you have PlumbV install a water filtration system in your home, you will ensure that your drinking water has had all contaminants removed, and in case of a local water treatment facility failure, your Hillsborough home will have its own filtering capabilities. Since the contaminants will be filtered out, you’ll also enjoy better tasting water as an added bonus!

Better for the Environment:

If your Hillsborough home doesn’t have a water filtration system, you may be relying on bottled water for your drinking water needs. The majority of plastic water bottles end up in landfills, with less than half being recycled, contributing to pollution. Additionally, the production of plastic bottles in itself is bad for the environment. Having PlumbV install a water filtration system in your Hillsborough home is a great way to cut back on your plastic waste, and will reduce your reliance on bottled water!

Gentle on Skin:

The benefits of filtered water extend beyond drinking water. It can also have positive effects on every appliance in your Hillsborough home that uses water, as well as your showers and tubs. The heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine found in unfiltered water can cause skin irritation and can aggravate skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. With a whole home water filtration system installed by PlumbV, you will enjoy fewer skin irritants, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Save Money:

Although there is an upfront cost that comes with installing a water filtration system, it can help you save money in the long run. With filtered water in your Hillsborough home, you won’t have to purchase bottled water on a regular basis. You’ll also avoid paying for costly plumbing repairs! Unfiltered water is harder on your pipes and appliances, and with a water filtration system installed by PlumbV, you won’t have to pay for replacements as often, saving you money over time.

Easier on Your Plumbing:

The heavy metals, minerals, and chemicals present in unfiltered water can damage your pipes and your Hillsborough home appliances, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, water dispenser, garbage disposal, and more. The unfiltered water can cause corrosion and damage, which is why having PlumbV install a water filter in your home will prevent extensive damage to your plumbing, as it will filter out all of the harmful minerals, heavy metals, and chemicals.

Better Health:

There are parasites and microscopic organisms found in unfiltered water, which can cause intestinal and digestive problems for those in your Hillsborough household. When PlumbV installs a water filter in your home, it will reduce the risk of catching these diseases. Additionally, the better taste associated with filtered water can help encourage you and your family to drink more water, which has several health benefits for your body and joints.

If you’re ready to take advantage of all of the benefits that filtered water can give your Hillsborough home, contact the team of professionals at PlumbV for water filtration installation services. There’s no better time than today to capitalize on the benefits of water filtration for your Hillsborough home. You can get in touch with PlumbV by calling (919) 443-0105 or by making an appointment online.

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How much does it cost to have PlumbV install a water filtration system in Hillsborough?

The cost of a water filtration system will depend on a couple of factors, such as the specific type of water filter you choose to invest in. For example, installing an activated carbon water filter in your home is going to be less expensive than a whole-house reverse osmosis system. You can discuss pricing and financing options for water filtration systems with a PlumbV plumber.

Is it a good idea to have a home water filtration system in Hillsborough?

Having PlumbV install a water filtration system in any Hillsborough home is an excellent idea! Filtered water can improve the pH levels of your home’s water, which reduces its corrosive effects in your Hillsborough home’s plumbing system. You’ll extend the life of your household appliances, like sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and washing machines. A water filtration system installed by PlumbV will also remove chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from your Hillsborough home’s water.

Can I DIY my Hillsborough water filtration system installation?

Some water filtration systems can be installed fairly easily by homeowners, but most require a certain level of expertise for proper installation. If you are worried that you don’t have the right tools, background knowledge, or the time to install a water filtration system, contact the experts at PlumbV. Our team of professionals will be able to properly install your water filtration system, and you’ll rest easy knowing that it was installed correctly.

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