Main Water Line Installation, Repair, and Replacement


It’s not likely that you spend much time dwelling on the state of your home’s water supply lines. But if you begin to see unusual indicators, it’s time to take notice and investigate. The main water supply line is where the overall health of your home’s plumbing system begins. But like any part of your home’s plumbing, a main water line can sustain injuries that require professional attention. Shifting environmental factors, material longevity, and accidents are all real threats.

Should you need a main water line repair, your home’s water supply line is in good hands with PlumbV professionals. We have been installing, repairing, and replacing homeowners’ main water lines in North Carolina’s Triangle area for over a decade and we can tackle whatever sort of project you’re up against.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Main Water Line? 

The amount and scope of damage will factor in when deciding if you are in need of a main water line replacement or repair. Localized damage can often be repaired, but other times a repair will only act as a costly bandage, delaying inevitable issues down the road. Some factors that will tip the scales toward replacement are:

Tree Roots

Whether a tree was planted too close to plumbing or it simply has a wide reach, tree roots can be aggressive and sometimes water lines are casualties.

Cracks or Breaks

Rigid, straight water pipes provide an easy and direct flow for water and make for accurate mapping, but their inflexibility makes them susceptible to geologic shifts.


Materials used for water supply lines vary, as do local water and soil. Your specific combination of factors will determine if, when, and how quickly corrosion warrants replacement.

Other Causes

Heavy machinery or intense and sudden water pressure shifts can also cause pipes to crack, and improper fittings or switches can impact the whole system’s integrity. Depending on where you live, local pests or rodents could even be responsible for your broken main water line.


If your home’s plumbing system is older, it’s likely that other components may need to be updated along with the main water pipe. You could also opt for a cleanup or flushing service to get rid of any debris that might remain in the pipe. A new pressure regulator, shutoff valve, or tap could be in order too. A PlumbV expert will be happy to answer any questions about recommended services.

Main Water Line Problem Signs to Look For

It’s hard to know exactly what is going on underground, so here are some typical symptoms to look for if you suspect a main water line problem. Make note of anything unusual as these details will be key when speaking with a PlumbV technician.

Mold or Mildew

When present in basements or on a home’s slab, mold can indicate an abundance of ground water that isn’t draining away — a broken main line could be the culprit.

Pooling Water

If water has begun collecting in your yard or even in the street in front of your home, this water could be finding its way from your water main up through the soil.

Odd Colors

Water that runs out of faucets or showers and carries unusual hues can be a sign of pipe corrosion, sediments entering the main water supply line, or a compromised main line.

Lower Pressure

If you are noticing a distinct drop in water pressure and aren’t running appliances, then it’s likely that your home’s main water supply line is seeping water into the ground.

High Bill

An increased water bill paired with lower pressure and other factors could be a sign that water is escaping the main line through a crack or break.


Undetected leaks aren’t just expensive, they can compromise your home’s foundation, stability, and sanitation. But since they are underground it can be hard to know for sure where the leak is and what’s causing it. We can offer our informed opinions, but bringing in a PlumbV leak detection specialist will be the best way to pinpoint the problem and develop a game plan to address it. We also partner with plumbing professionals who specialize in using targeted methods and equipment to locate hard-to-detect leaks.

Opt for a PlumbV Plumbing Expert

At PlumbV we not only understand the intricacies of plumbing, we know our clients. You just want a reliable water supply that keeps your home safe and clean. We get that, and will do all we can to ensure that your job is handled quickly, professionally, and with the greatest of care. We also have the experience and skill needed to dig deep and get to the root cause of any plumbing problem. So regardless of what water main issues you’re dealing with, know that we can solve them. PlumbV professionals also advocate for regular maintenance and annual plumbing assessments. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your home’s plumbing in top shape and help you to stay worry-free.

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