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Do You Need an Emergency Plumber?

Plumbing-related emergencies come without warning, and often at the worst times. You wake up and discover that your water heater has ruptured. You return from vacation to find burst pipes. Or you come home after a long day to find that the dishwasher overflowed hours ago. Homeowners aren’t alone, business owners can also be plagued by emergency plumbing situations like backed-up toilets or broken pipes.

Instead of waiting for help while unbearable odors are leaching into the building or unchecked water flow damages flooring, drywall, or equipment, you need a plumbing expert right away. Emergency plumbing situations require immediate attention to prevent further damage.

But at odd hours or on a weekend, where can you turn for help? PlumbV is here for you. Our experienced, trained emergency plumbers will be there at a moment’s notice to assess and solve your emergency plumbing concerns. After we’ve identified the source and extent of the damage, we will take time to explain the situation and give you an upfront cost assessment before beginning repairs.

Types of Plumbing Emergencies We Handle

The types of plumbing emergencies we’ve seen over the years are vast, but here is a condensed list of what we see most often, along with the steps we take to remedy the issue:

Burst Pipe

You must immediately turn off the water. We will then repair or replace the damaged section of pipe and check for additional leaks.

Flooding Due to Clogged Drain

After assessing the situation, we will use a mechanical snake to unclog the drain. If other equipment or tools are needed, we will have them available.

Ruptured Water Heater

We will replace the water heater with a new model of the client’s choosing. PlumbV recommends and carries several styles and brands of water heaters.

Broken Bathtub Seal

Our plumbing experts will examine the bathtub to see if the issue stems from an area that requires caulking. If this is the case, they will recaulk. If not, they will investigate to find the root cause.

Leaking Toilet Seal

Our plumbers will remove the toilet, replace the wax ring, and securely reattach the toilet.

Overflowing Toilet

To prevent further leakage, our plumbers will turn off the water supply. To pinpoint the problem, they will investigate and inquire regarding any additional leaks. The toilet drain will then be snaked to clear the clog.

Washing Machine or Dishwasher Flooding

Our technician will immediately turn off the water supply and assess the situation to discern whether the drain or the actual appliance is the source of the leak. They will then clear the drain and address any additional issues.

Other Emergencies

PlumbV emergency plumbers stand ready to assist with the above problems and more. We keep our vehicles stocked with specialty tools, parts, and can be at your home or business in no time. Emergency calls are often received outside of our normal business hours, which run Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. If you are in need of our services after hours or on the weekend, please know that a $230 emergency fee will apply, in addition to the cost of the repair.

Call on Your Local Emergency Plumbing Experts

At PlumbV we know that when plumbing issues appear out of nowhere, you need somewhere reliable to turn for help. Each passing moment can mean exponentially more damage, and these issues are often too difficult for homeowners or business owners to tackle alone. It’s good to know that you have a local expert to turn to no matter what time it is! We understand the causes and solutions for emergency plumbing scenarios and can handle yours, right away!

We’re also very conscious of the unsanitary and unpleasant conditions that emergency situations can bring and will work to quickly repair the problem. We’ve built a strong reputation as the Triangle region’s go-to for all emergency plumbing services — we’re ready to help! So if you are in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Cary areas and you find yourself faced with a plumbing emergency, look no further. Give us a call at (919) 932-8890 and we’ll be happy to take care of the situation.

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