Drain and Sewer Cleaning

A clean, healthy home and a fully functioning drain and sewer system go hand in hand. Regardless of where drains originate, the potential for a clog is ever present. Internal buildup or lodged materials can obstruct flow in drains that stem from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or other areas in the home. Meanwhile, sewer lines have to contend with various outdoor and environmental factors.

You rely on your home’s plumbing system every day, but it’s not likely that you dwell on its vital role in your home’s cleanliness. Should you notice anything unusual, calling in a professional to diagnose the issue is your best bet. At PlumbV our staff of licensed plumbers have the skills needed to get your home’s drains and sewer running clean and clear.

Signs to Look For

When drains and sewer lines are clear, you won’t be aware of them. But if you start to notice these issues there is likely a serious problem on the horizon.’

Slow Drainage. The occasional slow drain is common and often stems from a minor amount of hair or food particles. But consistently slow drains that fill sinks and shower floors are clear signs of a more serious blockage. Waste can build up on pipe walls and restrict flow until the pipe is completely clogged.Foul Odor. The first signs of odor are the tipoff that it’s time to schedule a thorough drain cleaning. Odor can make its way up through a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room drain and is most often an indication of rotting waste that is trapped in the pipe. Besides restricting flow, the situation is unpleasant, unsanitary, and can introduce harmful bacteria into the home.

Backups. Since your home’s drainage system is a network of interconnected pipes, a blockage in one area could manifest itself as a backup somewhere else. Water that is restricted will find its way, often back up and then down another drain, causing flooding within the home. It can be tricky for a homeowner to know the root cause of backups.

Toilet Clogging. Regularly overflowing toilets or repeated clogs are signs that your sewer line is not clear and cannot allow an easy flow after flushing. It goes without saying that apart from damaging flooring and walls, an overflowing toilet also presents a highly unsanitary and potentially dangerous situation.

Odd Noises. If you’re hearing gurgling sounds every time you use a fixture, regardless of water volume, and especially if paired with foul odors or backed up drains, then there is likely internal buildup or a blockage to blame.

These key signs are clear indicators that there is a problem somewhere in your home’s drain or sewer lines. But even if you aren’t noticing these symptoms, if you haven’t had professional eyes on your system in some time, or if you can’t remember your last scheduled drain cleaning, we’d recommend a thorough inspection. The best time to address drain and sewer issues is before they begin. Regular maintenance by a licensed plumber will ensure that proactive measures are taken and that you’ve done your part to keep your home’s plumbing system fit and functioning.

Safe Drain Cleaning

There are countless DIY remedies and commercially available formulas that claim to eradicate drain or sewer blockages. But many of these recipes or products are ineffective at best, harmful at worst. They often use caustic ingredients, heat, or harsh chemicals that attack pipes and damage skin.

We have a far better solution. PlumbV stands behind Bio-Clean and our technicians frequently use this product as a maintenance solution to prevent backed-up pipes. Bio-Clean’s safe formula relies on naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes that work to break down clog-causing organic material. We recommend it to all our clients as the ideal product to maintain clear pipes after a professional cleaning.

Your Local Plumbing Experts

At PlumbV, customers’ drain and sewer lines are on our minds every day. We know how inconvenient and stressful clogs and backed-up pipes can be. But whatever the trouble with your home’s drain or sewer system — from clogs to corrosion — you can trust PlumbV to get things flowing again.

Our licensed, expert plumbers have the necessary skills, equipment, and experience to quickly assess and resolve any plumbing issue. Thanks to their expertise we have built a stellar reputation as the Triangle region’s go-to for all plumbing services. So if you are in or around Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, or Cary, North Carolina, and your drain or sewer system is in need of a thorough cleaning, look no further. Give us a call at (919) 932-8890 or send us a message —  we’ll be happy to discuss your drain cleaning service and plumbing needs.

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