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What is Emergency Plumbing?

Have you ever been in a pinch where guests are scheduled to arrive soon and suddenly a pipe bursts, leaving you with a bathroom full of water? Or maybe you’re prepping a large holiday meal, only to come home after grocery shopping and find the dishwasher has leaked all over your hardwood floors? There’s no need to panic, PlumbV is equipped to handle your emergency plumbing needs. Let’s break down what a plumbing emergency is and when you should call a plumber.


What is considered a plumbing emergency?

There is a wide array of plumbing issues which constitute an emergency. Many times, it’s considered an emergency because we don’t know how extensive the problem is under the surface until we’re able to take a look in person.

For example, coming home to a room full of water could be a clogged drain, or it could be a pipe that burst…maybe even both! While these two instances are problematic themselves, they could each lead to further damage. A busted pipe leaves water everywhere—making your walls, floors, and anything else that has come in contact with the water susceptible to mold and mildew. These are serious issues that should be addressed immediately.


Other common plumbing emergencies are:

When should I call a plumber?

Upon noticing a plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. If your emergency occurs during the week, we’ll send someone out as soon as possible. Outside of our normal operating hours or on weekends, we’re still available to help. We have on-call experienced plumbers that are ready to help fix your plumbing emergencies, so you don’t have to stress.

Before calling a plumber, it’s important to turn off the source of water flowing (if you’re able) and take a look around to assess the damage. This will be helpful information to communicate to the plumber over the phone during your initial call. For other tips on what to do during a plumbing emergency, click here.


The bottom line is, plumbing emergencies can be intimidating, but you’re not in it alone. We have a team of experienced plumbers who are ready to step in and fix your plumbing issues.


Raleigh residents, give us a call.

Durham homeowners, we are here for you.

Chapel Hill residents, we’ve got you covered.

Homeowners outside of the Triangle area, don’t worry — you’re still on our radar.



Contact PlumbV for all your emergency plumbing needs at (919) 443-0105 .

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