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Why Do I Get Low Water Pressure Out of My Faucet?

faucet with low water pressure

It is important to know that if you have low water pressure anywhere in the house, it can be fixed. This includes outdoor spigots and indoor fixtures as well. When you have issues with low water pressure, the problem is often relatively easy to diagnose if you have some basic knowledge about plumbing.

No matter if the low water pressure issues are in your bathroom, kitchen, or are showing up in an outdoor spigot, it can make doing any daily task more difficult than it needs to be. Thankfully, there are many issues that can lead to low water pressure that are easy and cheap to correct.

Some of the Possible Reasons for Low Water Pressure

Many different issues can cause low water pressure. Here are some of the most common:

Having a Clogged Faucet Screen

Nearly all faucets have a tiny screen inside that is meant to catch debris as the water flows through. If the screen gets clogged, the water is not able to flow through the screen. This can be fixed by taking out the screen, rinsing it off, and then putting it back. In most cases, you can screw off the cap at the end of the faucet and find the screen there. However, if your home has a filtration system, then your issue could also be a dirty filtration system.

A Problem With Your Faucet

Faucets can last a very long time, but they do expire. Whenever the internal pieces start to go bad, the valves that operate the faucet’s water flow can remain partially closed. This could be the reason for lower water pressure in the faucet. Some internal pieces can be replaced if you are sure of what make and model your faucet is. However, replacing the faucet is often the better option since, once one part deteriorates, the rest are often not far behind. If you have basic knowledge of plumbing, then you can replace the faucet with ease but, if not, hiring a professionally licensed plumber is the best option.

Pipes That Have Sprung a Leak

There are times where pipes have problems that lead to leaks. Typically, that is an easy problem to diagnose. If the water is spilling somewhere in your home, you can usually guess your water pressure will decline. However, if your pipe is elsewhere, such as under your home or in your yard, the problem is not as easy to find. Looking around for areas that are wet or puddles that should not be there is one way to find the problem, but it all depends on the location of the leak. If the problem is bad, a professional plumber should be called. If the problem is a simple pipe that you can tighten or replace, then the fix could be much simpler.

Bad Water Pressure Coming to the House

Some instances may simply be that your home has little water pressure. If you have checked your faucets, pipes, and screens, it could be that your water pressure is simply lacking. The only option you have is to contact the water company and speak to them about the issue. If you have a tank and well system, then your options are a bit more complicated. There are several components that could be causing the problem, from the pump to the pressure switch, or the tank itself. If you suspect a problem with your well, it is very important that you reach out to an experienced plumber.

Dealing with low water pressure is often a simple process. However, that is not always the case. If you are not sure you can figure out and fix the problem, call in PlumbV! That way, you know the job will be done right and there will be warranties to cover the work.

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