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What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

plumbing emergency

When you own a home, any kind of water damage can be devastating to your property. If not rectified as soon as possible, mold may set in, spread, and eventually require structural repairs. You may also encounter an emergency situation where a flowing leak or clog spills water in a constant stream. This requires immediate attention, and with a few simple steps, you can have the situation under control.

Make Sure the Water is Off

First, turn off your water — not the faucet handle, but the actual flow of water through your pipes at the source. Simply turn the valve into the off position. If the source of the leak is a fixture, such as a toilet or sink, you can turn the valve where the pipe runs to the fixture. If this fails to stop the leak or if you have trouble finding it, you can also turn the water off to the house. You can often find this valve near the water meter, outside your home.

Take a Look Around

Second, you will want to survey the damage. In the case of a leak, try to determine how long or how much water leaked, what surface the water leaked onto, and what  condition that surface is in. If you have a clog, helpful information can include what may have gone into the pipe or how frequently the pipe is used. The more information you can provide to a plumber, the better the plumber will be able to understand what the problem is and what will be needed to quickly repair it.

Figure Out Who Needs to Call in Help

Third, you may want to call your city water department. Not all problems are the responsibility of a homeowner. If a sewer main is broken or blocked, or if a sewer line leading to the main is leaking, the water department may send their own plumber to fix the problem right away. Your home pipes connect to the water department pipes. Where they connect often determines where responsibility begins for repairs.

Find Plumbers Who Can Help

Finally — and fortunately — if the problem is not the water department’s and you determine you need to call a plumber, it’s easy to find plumbers who can help, like the experts at PlumbV! Our plumbers understand that emergency situations can arise. When you call our company, it’s helpful to give as much information as possible. Describe where the problem occurred, what damage you have found, and what you have done already to help resolve the problem, such as whether or not you turned the water main off. If you have a plumbing emergency, give us a call at (919) 443-0105 .

Follow these easy steps, and any plumbing emergency can be quickly resolved!

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