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Common DIY Plumbing Issues to Avoid

plumbing issues

DIY plumbing can save you hundreds of dollars, but DIY tasks sometimes have their own cost. There are some mistakes that could cost you in terms of time and money. In this article, we look at some of the common mistakes that homeowners make while trying to solve plumbing issues.

Choose the Right DIY Tasks

There are many plumbing tasks you can do around your home. But you have to recognize that there are also tasks that are best done by professionals. Some problems may come about due to oversight on your part. Homeowners need to have a deeper understanding of materials, fittings, pipes, and solders, before embarking on any repairs.

For example, you may not realize that joining two pipes of dissimilar materials can cause corrosion. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals are joined such that there is an electric potential between them. The flow of electrons accelerates the rate of corrosion in the process. To connect different pipes you will need to use a sustainable connector.

Avoid Using Brute Strength

There are metals and heavy tools you may use from time to time when performing DIY tasks. However, remember that plumbing often requires a light touch. Plumbing fittings do not have to be very tight to function. Pipes and bolts are designed to be tightened by hand.

Applying too much pressure when turning the wrench could be counterproductive. Making bolts too tight can strip the threads, making the connection loose. Rubber inside these fittings also loses its elasticity and ability to prevent leaks. If you turn the wrench until it fits tight, that is usually enough for plumbing connections.

How You Handle the Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal technology has improved in recent years. Nowadays, most units can process a wide range of foods, as long as they are placed into the unit in small portions. The mistake that many people make is to treat it like it can handle all types of waste in unlimited amounts.

Take the time to empty the garbage disposal unit. Ensure you only dispose waste that the unit is designed to handle. You can reduce the number of repairs if you use it properly.

Avoid Overloading Showerheads with Caddies

The shower caddie is an important addition to the bathroom. It is where you store your shampoo, conditioners, combs, and lotions. Despite their convenience, they can cause plumbing problems if you overload them. If overloaded, it will exert pressure on the showerhead or the faucet and cause them to break.

Therefore, you can avoid plumbing repairs if you ensure that the caddie is only subjected to as much weight as it can reasonably handle. Alternatively, you can get a shower caddie that can be attached to the wall with suction cups. By using suction cups, you don’t need the showerhead for support.

Overlooking Steps in a Procedure

Plumbers often follow a clear procedure to avoid overlooking steps that could turn out to be a costly mistake. Sometimes DIY plumbers overlook or ignore some steps before proceeding with the task. For example, faucets and showerheads have different designs. When taking things apart, document the procedure so that you can put them back together properly.

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