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4 Bathroom Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

bathroom plumbing issues

It is inevitable that your bathroom will need repairs and renovations from time to time. It is critical that all bathroom plumbing repairs are done promptly. The bathroom accounts for 40% of the water consumption in your home. Making sure the plumbing is functioning properly will help you avoid the risk of high utility bills.

Certain repairs are indicative of an underlying problem particularly with plumbing. Here are some of the repairs that should not be ignored.


Mold is unwanted in homes because they are unhealthy and can cause irritation and respiratory issues. In most places around the home, it is a sign of an accumulation of moisture. Mold often mean that water has gathered in certain areas, most probably caused by leaks.

If you see mold in your bathroom, your plumbing is probably leaking. Check the walls and the ceiling for signs of leaking after running the tap in the bathroom. Wet spots anywhere on the walls and the ceiling means that it is time to get the piping repaired.

Low Water Pressure 

When pipes are in disrepair or are clogged, they may cause low water pressure. You may notice that the water is running a slow trickle instead of the usual powerful stream. The clogging in the pipes may be within the faucets too, so it is advisable to try and remove it. You can start by checking the shower-head and faucets first. If the water is still trickling as before, that is a job that is best left to your plumber. It will most likely require the replacement of the piping.

Noisy Plumbing 

Do not ignore any hammering or whistling noises coming from your faucets, pipes or shower-head. The whistling noises are caused by water valves that are faulty and need repairs. Hammering usually occurs when the valve has closed or suddenly stopped functioning. The best thing you can do is to find an experienced professional who can help you pinpoint the exact source of the problem.

Discoloration and Poor Water Quality 

Water discoloration may simply indicate that your pipes have not been used for a while. The water may be rusty, and the cloudiness will disappear when you run the water. However, if it’s a serious water problem, the discoloration will be persistent. This may indicate that some serious corrosion is taking place inside the pipes.

Bad odor is another problem that could be a sign of corrosive pipes. Foul smelling water is most often detected in water heaters. The heat forces the bacteria to replicate rapidly. This is most likely to happen when the anodes that serve as a protective shield against bacteria are corroded.

Not only will these repairs leave your bathroom clean and pristine – they will also give you the peace of mind you need. Serious issues with water can cause costly damage to other parts of your home. Ignoring these issues will surely lead to regrets down the line. When in doubt, consult PlumbV! We will advise you on the best course of action. At the end of the day, you’ll save more time and money.

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